Monday, May 17, 2010

Citizens of a Rainy Day



Surreptitious Departure

Your point is well-taken.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Uncuckoo Clock ( No Time like the Present)

I deconstructed an old assemblage that wasn't working. Here are the materials planned for the final product, although changes are bound to occur. The large black item is the base for a bell jar, its upper component long since broken and lost. Gothic arch cut out and and cigar box cut up with Terry's amazing saw.
Oh, and these, I forgot to put these in the first photo.

It turned out I had to take the little wooden handle off, as it interfered with the knob with the flower on it (you'll see why I changed it later). I turned the wooden disk over, I like the red on the other side better even though it is more distressed, as in having a chunk missing out of it. changed my mind on the background (several times actually). I replaced the green paer with the star paper. The birds have been glued to heavy paper reinforced with thin copper wire which I taped down with acid free tape.

The final piece and...

The reason I didn't want the knob hitting the wooden handle. Wheeeee!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Twigs Amok

Most of the "Listen" assemblage except the part below the frets that has the word "Listen"

Gardener's Trophy

The Ladder of Dr. Caligari

Inspection walking to Mina's with the piece I had to repair.

Forest Home hanging on the wall of Arjan. I have one more piece I am working on.