Monday, December 20, 2010

Sebastopol Yard Art (Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent)

 We stopped to take a photograph in the yard of a woman who was working outside, who told us that the  whole of Florence Street in Sebastopol  comes together around these sculptures- this one was recently repainted by a group of neighbors. She told us they have visitors from all over the world.  Patrick Amiot is the sculptor and his wife Brigitte Laurent is the painter. The street is a mile-long outdoor museum with characters of all shapes and sizes.

 The support is attached to the end of the broom, it makes a loop down to a base with "Surrender Dorothy" painted on it.
 You can tell that some of the sculptures have to do with the inhabitants of the houses, while others are pop culture icons.

 The one above is a ratfink (see under Big Daddy Roth) , I believe.
 The name of the boat is "Florence".

Finally, the front yard of the artists themselves. As my nephew and were on our return journey down the other side of the street, the man himself passed us and waved.

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the dear Zé said...

Dear Susan, I write this letter to tell you that I just love those marvellous creatures (and how I want to find them in my forest). Have a nice weekend and don't forget to feed them.

cheers and um beijo