Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Manuales Canigo

A noble steed and a cheeky mouse

Two of the creations on the delightful Manuales Canigo blog. Parents, wouldn't you love to send your children to Cristina Moreno's classes at the Canigo School? She teaches her students to make their own wonderful art objects using repurposed materials. My Spanish is quite rudimentary, but she uses the phrase "trayectoria creativa" - how beautiful to think of creativity as a flight. More inspiration on her blog - Parents may be able to find a few projects for long summer days here, even without going to Barcelona. 

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mum said...

Hombre! que amor de caballo y raton! Yo quiero Manuales tambien! Gracias por la introduccion (this is supposed to mean something like: Man! what a love of a horse and a mouse! I love Manuales too! Thanks for the intro.)

Adding Manuales to the mum's blogroll right away.