Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentine's Day Cards to make at Home

For this one you just need stiff white paper and something interesting to cut the heart out of. I have used a leaf which I dipped in water mixed with polyvinyl adhesive (Elmer's glue for Americans). Oh, gel medium would probably be another alternative. You can also take fabric and dip it in this solution, and after getting all the excess off, lay it on stiff white paper. Allow it to dry throughly, and then cut a heart shape out of that. This is how I made the heart below, with a little bit of kimono silk. It's key to get the excess moisture out, and it's not a bad idea to tape the paper you stick it to down to avoid warpage - I just tore through it myself without doing so.

For the second one, I deliberately cut the little heart out with scissors instead of an exacto knife to prove to myself it was possible, it's a little rough. glue the paper "spring" to the inside of card and to the back of the heart. You should end up with something like what is below:

For the third one, you need a little heart pattern smaller than your card. Cut a strip if them out of stiff red paper - It is much better to trace the heart, or cut around it, than to fold the paper first and attempt to cut through it - this will end in tears! To avoid heartbreak, cut the line of hearts out, leaving them attached at the sides, and fold them afterwards. I have collaged old wrapping paper onto them, but you could also write a poem.

It's my intention to scan in some fun stuff as a sheet for you to print out at home later today.

And here they are, a few things to copy, print out and play with -


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Though we´re in summer here, it´s raining quite a lot here, bad weather anywayt. So Susan, this post comes perfect for me and Anabella to spend a nice afternoon working toghether!

Jasmine said...

So gorgeous. It beats for you is a lovely thing to say to someone. it is mine and Pauls aniversary tomorrow. Time creeps up quick, better think of something fast.

Saw this link and thought of you.

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nicely done