Thursday, September 23, 2010


Mary Davis of Saughall was documented, in 1688, as having a not unattractive horn growing out of the back of her head. See description on the website of the Museum of Jurassic Technology.

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babbler said...

Why, that looks like a not unattractive optic tentacle growing on the front of her head where the optic tentacle prefers to reside! Bravo!
I slid over to your blog from another blog that you had visited and commented, although I am not sure where, kind of like when Alice went down the rabbit hole and was not sure how to get out. I am here now, and quite comfortable, thank you, and I should like a cup of tea whilst I take a slide through the rest of your wonderful blog, which is eye candy to me! Greetings from all of us at Slug's Rest, do come over for a cuppa if you like, we should be pleased to see you there if you are of a mind for a quick adventure. Have a lovely and profitable week ahead, and best of luck with your book, which I will investigate further on a future visit as I will become a follower of your fine and dandy blog! Love from Mrs. Slug in Oregon