Thursday, May 14, 2009

MacBeth, squinting/Sticks

If plastic dinosaurs=medieval Scottish soldiers and decorated sticks = branches, then the above is an illustration of the prediction by the three witches that MacBeth should not fail until "Birnam wood shall come to Dunsinane".
        This is a stick giveaway! As always, indicate in a comment if you would like one of these sent to you. The idea is not to keep them, but to place them somewhere passersby can come upon them and people can adopt them. Past participants will attest to the thrill when you leave one of them and return to find it gone. If you take a photo of the stick where it is left (One was placed in the mouth of a tiger - a tiger made out of stone, to be sure, but still a tiger), and email it to me I will post the photo here with a link to your blog. Remember, you can always decorate a stick yourself and plant it! If you would like a particular stick please specify, MacLarry (left), MacMoe (center), or MacCurly (right).
      For more plastic dinosaurs, see dinosaur casserole.

Edit: All sticks claimed, and I need to make another one.


Morna said...

Your blogs are fantastic ... you must be having fun in California. We lived in Los Gatos for ten years and I remember how beautiful it is and so supportive of the creative spirit.

ger said...

Aha, so not only love travels on a gravel road...

Anonymous said...

I would love a stick, and i even know where i am going to stick it. so to speak.

Anonymous said...

mac curly for me.... and where is their cauldron and the tounge of dog??

ArtSparker said...

Grrl-MacCurly is yours.

They are meant to be the soldiers that are the result of the prediction, but I understand the confusion.

Baxter feels uneasy about the last part of your comment.

Sparkle Plenty said...

THIS IS AWESOME and thanks for the link! Are there any sticks left? I'd love one! MacMoe? MacLarry?

parisa mahmoudi said...

Could I have Mac Larry?!
It would be great to be in your play!!! :)

yoon see said...

Would this is cool.
I am parisa mahmoudi friend.
It's OK I request one from you.
I really love your stick if you are willing.
Thanks in advance:)